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Ayurveda Treatment room


Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, is a holistic medical and philosophic system, based on millennia-old experience. As the demand for natural healing methods keep growing all over, interest in Ayurveda has also has grown rapidly over the  past few years. More and more countries are officially acknowledging Ayurveda as a complete medical system and promoting its practice and studies. Ayurveda is also recognized by WHO as an alternative medical system.  Along with this developing interest, many Ayurveda treatments have become well known and popular in the wellness industry all over the world as well. Every year, thousands of people travel to India to experience Ayurveda in its authentic form from directly at the land of origin.


Ayurveda, however, is much more than wellness. It is the oldest medical system in the world and is based on a holistic teaching that covers all the various aspects of life. Thus, in addition to the herbal remedies and manual treatments, the cures include the factor of nutrition and daily yoga and meditation, including not just the physical body, but the mental and spiritual planes of life as well. After a detailed consultation with a qualified Ayurveda specialist, the treatment program is individually tailored to the client. The treatment is not limited to the duration of the stay, but extends for a long-term through

lifestyle change in accordance with the constitution and existing imbalances. Inspired by this timeless wisdom, Ayurvedaway show ways and means of restoring your inner balance and maintaining your health by coordinating the way of life with external rhythms and tunes of nature. An important pillar for this is your individual constitution, Prakriti, which is already in you from birth and which is determined at the beginning of the cure by our experienced ayurveda specialists based on the principle of the three doshas. Not only the constitution of an individual, but also all food, diseases, medicinal plants, land, seasons, etc. can be interpreted in terms of the three doshas, ​​vatha, pitha and kapha. These are the very basic principles of life which are used as tools by Ayurveda to explain all components  and complexities of life. Through appropriate knowledge, understanding and practice, we could restore individual balance and health.


Ayurveda emphasis on an ideal way of life and activities which prevents diseases. On the other hand has its strength in the natural treatment of acute and chronic diseases as well. Ayurveda has got a wide range of therapies, manual treatments and herbal remedies, many of which are also available in Germany.

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Some Ayurveda Treatments

abhyanga - full body oil-massage

ABHYANGA - Full Body Oil-Massage


A massage for the whole body applying selected ayurvedic herbal oils matching to the individual constitution and ailments. Abhyanga is performed in classic Kerala style in AYURVEDAWAY. It pacifies the Vatha dosha, relieves the stress and is especially recommended after longer trips and other strenuous activities. Abhyangam is explained as rejuvenating, and preventing degenerative diseases. It is very relaxing and at the same time refreshing and invigorating. 

shirodhara treatment


Ayurveda compares the human body in its anatomy and physiology with a reversed tree. Shirodhara is similar to watering this tree. While lying on your back, Ayurvedic herbal oils or other fluids flow down your forehead in a gentle and evenly flowing stream, spreading from there to the entire head. The treatment starts with a head massage. One of the most desired treatments and at the same time one of the most necessary, since there is nothing comparable to Shirodhara helping mental relaxation. Shirodhara cools head and promotes sleep and controls the destructive

Pizhichil - Full body oilbath

PIZHICHIL - Full Body Oilbath

Warm ayurvedic herbal oils are abundantly poured over the entire body and gently massaged. A highly rejuvenating treatment which should be performed daily for a period of 7 days to achieve all of its effects. Especially beneficial for the weak, old and exhausted. Pizhichil is the most effective treatment for soothing Vatha. At least 3 liters of oil are used for one session.

Udwarthanam - Herbal Powder Massage

UDWARTHANAM - Herbal Powder massage

A special massage which helps to eliminate excess fat in the body and reduce Kapha. Instead of oils, Ayurvedic herbal powders are used here for massage. It is recommended for those who suffer from overweight and have certain health problems caused by the aggrevation of Kapha.

choorna pinda sveda - herbal pouch-message

CHOORNA PINDA SVEDA - Herbal Pouch-Massage

A mixture of different herbs and powders is laced into sachets and heated in hot steam and partially or the entire body is pressed and massaged with these herbal pouches. Depending on the various problems and stages, the content of the pouches and the way of heating it differs.

njavarakkizhi - herbal rice massage

NJAVARAKKIZHI- Herbal rice massage

A highly effective rejuvenating massage. A special variety of rice is cooked in a mixture of milk and herbal extracts and filled  in cotton bags. Parts or whole of the whole body is massaged with these bags, which are heated again and again in hot milk, leaving the skin soft and smooth and strengthening the muscles. It is recommended to continue the massage daily for 7 days.

NASYAM – Nasal Clansing

A therapy to stimulate the brain and all nerves in the head and face. Using certain herbal oils, the sinuses are cleansed and all the channels in the facial area are opened.

kateevasthi treatment


For this purpose, a dough is made of lentil flour. It is pressed in the form of a ring on the lower back, for example. Then some warm medicated oil is poured into this mould. Time to time, the oil is replaced with warm oil. This process is repeated several times with freshly heated oil.

akshi tharppanam treatment


This procedure is indicated for discomforts of the eye caused especially by the aggrevation of Pitha. A dough ring of lentil flour is fixed around the eye and repeatedly filled with lukewarm ghee to bathe the eye in it.

karnapooranam treatment


In this procedure, a lukewarm ayurvedic oil is poured into the ear and kept for some time. Karnapoornam is used in Vatha-related complaints.

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Ayurvedic Dosha consultation (60 min.): 110 Euro
Ayurveda consultation without Dosha constitution (60 min.): 110 Euro
Complete Ayurveda consultation (90 min.): 150 Euro

Ayurvedic Dosha consultation & Diet Advice (90 min.): 150 Euro
Follow-up consultation (30 min.): 45 Euro


Consultation with the Ayurvedic specialist at the beginning of the program includes a detailed analysis of your individual inner nature and constitution. It tells you how this inner nature influences your personal likes and dislikes and interacts with the outer nature. Based on this understanding, we explore ways in which you can make a positive impact on your health in terms of diet and lifestyle.

In addition to the constitution analysis and the suggestions for a corresponding adjustment of the food and nutrition, habits, ayurvedic herbal preparations as well as the individual treatments will be recommended. The herbal preparations are mostly based on traditional Ayurvedic formulas and have been tried and tested for centuries. The production of these oils and preparations is subjected to strict quality standards.


Determination of your constitution type
Capture your current dosha constitution
Determination of your individual tendency to disorders and illnesses
Recommendation of preventive measures
Suggestions on diet and lifestyle
Supporting ayurvedic herbal preparations
Supportive treatments

Ayurveda Dishes


Food primarily nourish the body, the mind and the soul as well to some degree, in the Ayurveda point of view.

Not only science, but also art and philosophy play a role in nutrition.


From the perspective of Ayurveda, food we eat should meet the following criteria:


Hitham - it should match with your own inner nature or constitution ("prakruthi") and also be attuned to the external nature, the nature of the area you live in, the climate and the season. These internal and external natures also largely determine our likes and dislikes.

Perhaps you have already developed the habit of feeling in and observing how each individual food stuff affects you. If you've already found out which food items are well-tolerated by your body and shape your diet, then the nutritional recommendations given by an Ayurveda Specialist will usually not be much different. It is the inherent inner knowledge within us which makes us realize which items among food stuffs are matching for us. Animals, for instance have no doubts about their nutrition, because they have a direct access to their inner knowledge.


The Ayurveda consultation is not an alternative to the visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner. It reveals you the ayurvedic view of your constitution and thus the opportunity to live in harmony with the internal and external environments; as well as to prevent diseases and to achieve a better well-being.

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